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Everyday I wake up and fix my morning cup of joe then sit down and get on my Mac.  I check my email, my daily Zoe Report, whatever fashion suggestions Who, What, Wear sends me, PR Couture’s email, and look at the same websites everyday.  Usually I start off with looking to see if Betsey Johnson has any new winter arrivals since i’m in search of a great coat, then I check out Urban Outfitters to look at the boots I want but just haven’t bought, following that I look to see what Forever 21 has to offer with their unbeatable prices, then I go to one of my favorite shopping sites, Top Shop, I look at Nordstroms shoes, then finally I usually visit Bergdorf’s or Neiman’s to see what the designers are conjuring up.  I haven’t decided if it’s an obsessive, compulsive thing, or if I just love fashion THAT much.  I’m leaning towards the fact that I just love fashion.  I always want to be the first to see the new arrivals and get butterflies everytime I see there is more added.  I look forward to reading my Daily Zoe Report and my Who, What, Wear and PR Couture emails.  Other sites I visit very frequently are Shopstyle, Free People, Shopbop, and last but definately  not least, Ebay.  I have gotten some of the most amazing vintage things on Ebay and will always be a loyal customer.  I like to think of myself as not addicted to websites, but more so addicted to the certain objects of interests on the websites, I can deal with that.  Well fellow bloggers, I just got in from a 5 hour drive and have the Austin City Limits festival tomorrow, which I am extremely excited I might add, so goodnight!


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