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I can officially say that I have experienced an official cliche college moment… pulling an all-nighter.  After 13 hours of the same blue vinyl chair and wooden desk, I retired from that place of doom, and arrived home, well back to my dorm at 3:00 a.m.  Countless cups of coffee and quadratic equations can kind of make you rethink your insanity.  In the end, it was a success resulting in a 100 on my math test, a’s on all my math homework and quizzes, and chapter after chapter of human communication.  As I staggered into my cubicle of a living arrangement, I dove into my double padded twin-sized bed and of course after getting all tucked in, I find that my body was physically exhausted, but my mind was still racing.  Therefore, resulting in me staring at the tiled ceiling until 7:00 when it was time for me to get ready for my 8 a.m. class.  I climbed out of bed, threw on my vintage sex-pistols tee and ripped boyfriend jeans, grabbed the largest cup of coffee I could find, and was out the door to endure yet another wonderful day in the life of a college student.  I rest my case.

On a more positive note, I have came to a significant conclusion.  I currently am majoring in Public Relations and have dreamt of working for a fashion magazine or designer, but now am learning my passion for expressing my words and thoughts on paper, or in this case,  a blog.  I could not imagine this being my job because it would not be a job to me, it would be doing something I love, about something I’m passionate about.  Fashion journalism is where my thoughts are lying.  It is a tough decision and am wondering if I could still do journalism with a public relations degree, or if i should go full on journalism.  Decisions, decisions!

It seems that lately I have been doing alot of thinking about my future.  My future education at FIT, my future career, and my future goals in general.  Growing up is much more than a goodbye hug and kiss from your parents when you leave for college, it’s a passage of self-discovery and depth of the world through the eyes of a much more rounded individual.  I can’t wait to discover my journey through life and what is awaiting for me.  My patience is unbearable, but my determination and focus is indescribable.

Well, this was my serious post and cannot say how many more of these will be posted.  Tomorrow I look forward to expressing my obsession with Haute Hippie and Thread Socials newest creations… Can’t wait! Until then, Bonne nuit! (Goodnight!)


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