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As I’m sitting in Starbucks, VERY patiently awaiting my next class, I start to think about how I should probably be doing something productive while I sit and drink my sugar-free, cinnamon dolce latte with soy milk.  It dawns on me that it is about two months till’ that day of the year when you finally get all the things you have been begging your parents to get you all year and they say those three magical words,”…wait till Christmas!”, then you ‘sigh’ and accept that you can wait.  Well, in two months all of our sighing will be over with and we will have our much anticipated possessions in our belonging.  The peculiar thing is, is that when you actually sit down and try to make your Christmas list, you can’t decide which things are worth asking for and which things are just a fad and will soon be forgotten as soon as Kate Moss or Leighton Meester stops sporting them in the tabloids.  I have learned my lesson and been down that road a time or two.  So this season, I will be asking for investment pieces that I know I can always wear and don’t have to worry about it ever being “out.”  I am opting for the black MICHAEL by Michael Kors “Hamilton” Large North-South Tote.  It is a large luggage tote with top handles and a long silver chain to make it chic and edgy.  I will also be asking for the Dolce Vita over-the-knee  black leather boot at Urban Outfitters, considering my black boots look like they’ve been ran over a couple times.  They also come in a chestnut brown color.  I figure if the over-the-knee trend ever goes out, I can just simply fold them down a tad.  I have yet to decide what other pieces I will be asking for this year, I will keep you updated when I come across the next thing my heart desires.  Until then, I advise you not to waste the most perfect time of the year on silly fad items that you can wear for two months until giving it to the nearest consignment shop or homeless shelter.  Most importantyly, BE THANKFUL for what you get!  Wish me luck in my next class!

  • Sorry for the small pictures, I did my best:)




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