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So the weekend is officially over and my role of hard-working college student is back in action.  Some would argue this being a bad thing, I on the other hand am glad to begin my week.  Compared to last weeks agenda, this week is looking to be some-what calm and clear, unlike this Texas weather.  Last night, it was a hot and humid 80 degrees while I attempted to be active and go for a jog.  This morning, I walk out of my dungeon of a dorm to find it 55 degrees and pouring rain.  Well, last Thursday was the official Dress For Success fashion show that I was in charge of going to all the vendors and styling the female models.  While the fashion show was a success, the guest commentator was a disaster.  She was a 65 year old lady who dressed as if she was an American Airlines flight tenant.  Lucky for you all, I will  not go into anymore detail about that whole situation.  It was definitely a learning experience that I am glad to have been a part of.  Like everyone else, I adore Balmain.  This being said, while at Nordstroms over the weekend I went to take a look at the genius work and came to find, well actually I didn’t find it at all because they didn’t carry it in that specific Nordstrom.  I did , however, get to observe Blumarine’s collection of animal print jackets and bright prints.  Notice I said observe, obviously not being to afford luxury comes with being a college student.  I will be using this week to finish up my FIT essay and hopefully catching up on much needed sleep.  So, I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and to all the Texans, stay dry!


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