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Well, my absence from blogging is due to my stressful school schedule and because I have been in San Diego for the PRSSA National Conference.  I met some great people and regret getting on the plane to come back instead of just staying there and becoming a hobo….Okay maybe not so much the hobo part but definitely the staying there part.  The moment I arrived back in San Marcos I wanted to cry…. back to my math lab test and never ending english papers.  After losing my room key today, I have decided that I offically have the worst luck possible.  First, I get a ticket on the way to the airport, then my luggage is ten pounds too heavy so without thinking I take out my toiletry bag resulting in me having to throw away my brand new bottle of Kenra hairspray and root pumper.  Dramatic…maybe, but can you blame my accusation?  On a more positive note, my FIT application is complete and now I just have to send my transcripts.  Well until I have something interesting to post about, I will not bore you with my ramblings and instead head to Austin for some vintage shopping!…. Below are some pics. from the National Conference:)




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