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Before you go out and buy the Isabel Lu Sequin Blazer$235 (Below)



Isabel Lu Sequin Blazer-Nordstrom

or the Free People Sequin Blazer-$168(Below)


Free People Sequin Blazer

Amazing jacket



You should MOST definitely check the one stop shop for anyone(basically everyone) who is on a budget, like myself.  While in San Diego, i stumbled across the most organized and almost praise-worthy Forever 21 I have ever laid my eyes on.  My weeks of  wondering if I should or should not buy the Free People blazer vanished and didn’t think twice before purchasing this dime piece.  Aside from the arms and shoulders fitting a little snug, I usually buy smalls but opted for a medium, this jacket was a sure hit.



-While Pondering on, I came across some pieces that possibly broke my heart and definitely my budget( or atleast mine considering my college student budet).  I did not get a chance to browse the entire website so feel free to fall inlove yourself!  Here’s my choices:

Free People amazing faux fur coat

Faux-fur couldn’t be any more chill and glam at the same time
Free People Leather fingerless gloves with chain

Must have for anyone who rocks the rocker chic look

Nude flats

Nude flats are a must-have considering, like myself, everyone has more black flats than they can count.

Free People wrap boots

All time favorite boots, maybe more so than the Dolce Vita one's I blogged about earlier... It's a close call.



Free People statement necklace....amazing

Adds instant glam anywhere from a simple tee to a cocktail dress.


Free People short lace up boot

These boots are killer, just make sure you add some feminine touches to soften the look.





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