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Hello! I realize I have been absent from new post and I apologize.  I have been busy with getting settled back in and have finally done so!  Today was as close to perfect as you can get.  I moseyed on over to Austin for the day to take advantage of the beautiful, cold winter day and went to Zilker Park to ride my bike.  (I realize I just sounded like a ten year old)  Anyways, after getting my Zilker Park fix in, there was only one thing that I could think about doing, and that would be Whole Foods.  For me, it is impossible to go into Whole Foods and not stay there for multiple hours just browsing and tasting the fruit samples.  After I got an almond milk smoothie and picked up a few things, I ventured out before I spend anymore money.  The day only got better from there.  Across from Whole Foods is a store that will make anyone with a love for pretty 50’s inspired dresses and beautiful home furnishes heart melt.  That store could only be Anthropologie.  The website does not do any justice for the merchandise in the store.  Every piece of clothing felt as if it was hand crafted from only the best fabrics in the world.  Silk dresses and cashmere sweaters cover the store, along with Eurpean cotton bedding.  I have decided that when I get my first apartment, that I will furnish it completely in Anthropologie.  Wearing Asics tennis shoes, a nike hat, exercise pants, and a north face jacket did not stop me from trying on some of their breath taking apparel.  The clothes are not just beautiful on the hangers or the mannequins.  Once on, they make you feel so elegant and poised.  My usual edgy attire consisting of leather jackets, blazers,vintage band tees and black jeans were old news in this store.  I couldn’t resist the floral patterns and girly colors if I wanted to.  This was a great end to my day and look forward to purchasing some of the pieces I was lucky enough to try on.  Below is some of the things I tried on and loved.(Some items are not on the website)


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