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Okay, if anyone out there is a PR guru like myself, you will be pleased to hear that there is a new book out that was written by a former FIT professor, Gerald J. Sherman.  The book is called Fashion Public Relations and is officially the new fashion PR bible.  Don’t let the price scare you away, it is definitely worth it if you are wanting to pursue a career in this field!  You can purchase it at

ALSO:  If you are reading this blog, I assume you love fashion.  So, I recommend you getting an account at and checking out the amazing Bulga bags that are currently for sale on the site.  If you have never heard of, it is a website that has different designer sales everyday.  I’m talking anything from Free People to Chanel that is 70% off.

Happy Friday and have a GREAT weekend!


With the new movie, The Runaways, taking the world by storm, I decided to do a post inspired by the legendary rockers themselves, Joan Jett and Cherie Currie.  Fashion to them was effortless and not much thought was put into dressing, although they had an iconic style that would sweep the wardrobes of anyone from downtown rockers to preppy school girls and professionals.  It could be simple touches like black nail polish or a studded bag, to a complete outfit consisting of a leather jacket, ripped skinnies, over-sized vintage rock tee, and combat boots.  Either way, this edgy style has made it’s way from the 1980’s to 2010… and is better than ever.

Below are some pictures of Joan and Cherie, Kristin and Dakota, and Runaway inspired fashion that anyone can rock.  Enjoy!

Well, this post is self- explanatory according to the title.  It’s about that amazing time of the year that is at the same time, oh so dreadful.  Unless your Giselle Bundchen, i’m sure you can all agree with me. It’s the time of the year when we expose what has been hiding under layers of  sweaters, pea-coats and leather jackets, and our beloved skinnies.  So, as not only a gift to myself but to you as well, I have been obsessively on the hunt for bathing suits that are not only figure flattering, but ones that we will fill comfortable soaking up the hot summer sun in.  The one website that I continuously keep going back to is Anthropologie.  I have recently been in ‘awe’ of this store, and i’m pretty sure it’s because of the up-coming summer season.  Something about summer makes me want to dress in pretty floral dresses and pastels.  Below are some of the amazing swim-suits I found on Anthropologie and one’s off of Urban Outfitters.  Enjoy!

Geez, I now realize how hard it is to maintain a blog while juggling school, clubs, social life, and whatever else!  As busy as I have been lately, thanks to app, I have been able to stay up to date with NYFW and all the amazing looks this season.  “M” must stand for magnificent because Marc Jacobs, Missoni, Moschino, and Matthew Williamson KILLED it this year.  Well, I can’t really say “this year” because they kill it year after year.  I almost fell over dead when previewing Moschino’s Cheap and Chic Fall 2010 rtw collection.  Not only did the models make amazing faces and wore handbags on their head, but every single piece was wearable for anyone who loves to stand out.  Not to mention the incredible luggage that was carried down the runway.  Marc Jacobs….oh what a collection.  The best way I could describe his Fall 2010 ready to wear collection is diverse.  There was something for everyone.  There was clean, crisp pieces… modern and funky pieces, girly and glam pieces, and everywhere in between.  “M” wasn’t the only one’s doing work on the runway.  Phillip Lim’s collection, 3.1 Phillip Lim, was one of my favorites.  He had incredible outerwear and really showed his creativity and talent with every piece.

I just could NOT get enough of Spring NYFW this year.  Everyone collection represented the designer’s in new and exciting ways.  Below are some of my favorite pieces from Moschino Cheap and Chic and 3.1 Phillip Lim.

I realize I am a little late, but I am just now coming around.  I promise i’m going to stay up to date and be more frequent!

Hello! I realize I have been absent from new post and I apologize.  I have been busy with getting settled back in and have finally done so!  Today was as close to perfect as you can get.  I moseyed on over to Austin for the day to take advantage of the beautiful, cold winter day and went to Zilker Park to ride my bike.  (I realize I just sounded like a ten year old)  Anyways, after getting my Zilker Park fix in, there was only one thing that I could think about doing, and that would be Whole Foods.  For me, it is impossible to go into Whole Foods and not stay there for multiple hours just browsing and tasting the fruit samples.  After I got an almond milk smoothie and picked up a few things, I ventured out before I spend anymore money.  The day only got better from there.  Across from Whole Foods is a store that will make anyone with a love for pretty 50’s inspired dresses and beautiful home furnishes heart melt.  That store could only be Anthropologie.  The website does not do any justice for the merchandise in the store.  Every piece of clothing felt as if it was hand crafted from only the best fabrics in the world.  Silk dresses and cashmere sweaters cover the store, along with Eurpean cotton bedding.  I have decided that when I get my first apartment, that I will furnish it completely in Anthropologie.  Wearing Asics tennis shoes, a nike hat, exercise pants, and a north face jacket did not stop me from trying on some of their breath taking apparel.  The clothes are not just beautiful on the hangers or the mannequins.  Once on, they make you feel so elegant and poised.  My usual edgy attire consisting of leather jackets, blazers,vintage band tees and black jeans were old news in this store.  I couldn’t resist the floral patterns and girly colors if I wanted to.  This was a great end to my day and look forward to purchasing some of the pieces I was lucky enough to try on.  Below is some of the things I tried on and loved.(Some items are not on the website)

Hello all… How is everyone’s holiday so far?  Mine has been fantastic.  A break from school was well needed but I am now looking forward to spring semester.  I have been thinking of possible new years’ resolutions but have yet to decide which one is actually worth putting forth the effort.  Any ideas?

Like everyone else, i’m sure, I jumped on the Rodarte band-wagon and took a trip to Target to see if it was worth all the buzz it’s been getting.  Of course, it had been picked through and most small sizes were gone… so I left with the one thing they had in my size, which was the leopard print, long sleeved shift-dress.  It ran small, but overall was a beautiful and very well-made dress, although it is impossible to zip the back and clasp the bows yourself.  I was impressed with the sister’s economically friendly collection and wished they had more in my size.

Looking forward to the new year and any kind of New Year’s party I may make my way to, I put together several outfits that would be great for a New Years party and several different ways in which you can wear the leopard Rodarte dress.  As you will be able to tell…. tights are my best friend and should be yours too.

I feel that it is only appropriate to dedicate this post to the genius work of Alexander McQueen after my last post.  I don’t want there to be any confusion with anyone thinking it was a mer bash towards him, because it was not.  Clearly, I think this man’s work is not only incredible, but shows what the future of fashion holds.  For instance, the shoes he had his models wear in his spring 2010 runway show are completely futuristic.  His runway show was out of this world.  What could be better than Alexander McQueen fashion paired with Lady GaGa?  That’s right… nothing could compare.  Below is a clip from his Spring 2010 fashion show where Lady GaGa’s newest song “Bad Romance” debuted.

(I’m aware I am kinda late, I apologize.)


As much as I love Alexander McQueen’s designs, his black patent pumps with the pink soles will never compare to Christian Louboutin’s classic black platform pump, or any of his genius creations.  Stick with Louboutin’s.

Some of you may have noticed one of the biggest trends this winter season that is over-flowing all the magazines and websites.  A trend that re-invents your typical holiday party dress and adds major sex appeal.  That trend could only be lace.  Lace has been around since the 16th and 17th century and continuously evolves into every century since.  I am currently in awe and find myself buying more and more of these elegant pieces.  You can find lace from all price ranges, ranging from Forever 21 to Marc Jacobs and Christian Louboutin.  Here are some of my favorite pieces I have came across.

Before you go out and buy the Isabel Lu Sequin Blazer$235 (Below)



Isabel Lu Sequin Blazer-Nordstrom

or the Free People Sequin Blazer-$168(Below)


Free People Sequin Blazer

Amazing jacket



You should MOST definitely check the one stop shop for anyone(basically everyone) who is on a budget, like myself.  While in San Diego, i stumbled across the most organized and almost praise-worthy Forever 21 I have ever laid my eyes on.  My weeks of  wondering if I should or should not buy the Free People blazer vanished and didn’t think twice before purchasing this dime piece.  Aside from the arms and shoulders fitting a little snug, I usually buy smalls but opted for a medium, this jacket was a sure hit.



-While Pondering on, I came across some pieces that possibly broke my heart and definitely my budget( or atleast mine considering my college student budet).  I did not get a chance to browse the entire website so feel free to fall inlove yourself!  Here’s my choices:

Free People amazing faux fur coat

Faux-fur couldn’t be any more chill and glam at the same time
Free People Leather fingerless gloves with chain

Must have for anyone who rocks the rocker chic look

Nude flats

Nude flats are a must-have considering, like myself, everyone has more black flats than they can count.

Free People wrap boots

All time favorite boots, maybe more so than the Dolce Vita one's I blogged about earlier... It's a close call.



Free People statement necklace....amazing

Adds instant glam anywhere from a simple tee to a cocktail dress.


Free People short lace up boot

These boots are killer, just make sure you add some feminine touches to soften the look.