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Well, my absence from blogging is due to my stressful school schedule and because I have been in San Diego for the PRSSA National Conference.  I met some great people and regret getting on the plane to come back instead of just staying there and becoming a hobo….Okay maybe not so much the hobo part but definitely the staying there part.  The moment I arrived back in San Marcos I wanted to cry…. back to my math lab test and never ending english papers.  After losing my room key today, I have decided that I offically have the worst luck possible.  First, I get a ticket on the way to the airport, then my luggage is ten pounds too heavy so without thinking I take out my toiletry bag resulting in me having to throw away my brand new bottle of Kenra hairspray and root pumper.  Dramatic…maybe, but can you blame my accusation?  On a more positive note, my FIT application is complete and now I just have to send my transcripts.  Well until I have something interesting to post about, I will not bore you with my ramblings and instead head to Austin for some vintage shopping!…. Below are some pics. from the National Conference:)




So the weekend is officially over and my role of hard-working college student is back in action.  Some would argue this being a bad thing, I on the other hand am glad to begin my week.  Compared to last weeks agenda, this week is looking to be some-what calm and clear, unlike this Texas weather.  Last night, it was a hot and humid 80 degrees while I attempted to be active and go for a jog.  This morning, I walk out of my dungeon of a dorm to find it 55 degrees and pouring rain.  Well, last Thursday was the official Dress For Success fashion show that I was in charge of going to all the vendors and styling the female models.  While the fashion show was a success, the guest commentator was a disaster.  She was a 65 year old lady who dressed as if she was an American Airlines flight tenant.  Lucky for you all, I will  not go into anymore detail about that whole situation.  It was definitely a learning experience that I am glad to have been a part of.  Like everyone else, I adore Balmain.  This being said, while at Nordstroms over the weekend I went to take a look at the genius work and came to find, well actually I didn’t find it at all because they didn’t carry it in that specific Nordstrom.  I did , however, get to observe Blumarine’s collection of animal print jackets and bright prints.  Notice I said observe, obviously not being to afford luxury comes with being a college student.  I will be using this week to finish up my FIT essay and hopefully catching up on much needed sleep.  So, I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and to all the Texans, stay dry!

As I’m sitting in Starbucks, VERY patiently awaiting my next class, I start to think about how I should probably be doing something productive while I sit and drink my sugar-free, cinnamon dolce latte with soy milk.  It dawns on me that it is about two months till’ that day of the year when you finally get all the things you have been begging your parents to get you all year and they say those three magical words,”…wait till Christmas!”, then you ‘sigh’ and accept that you can wait.  Well, in two months all of our sighing will be over with and we will have our much anticipated possessions in our belonging.  The peculiar thing is, is that when you actually sit down and try to make your Christmas list, you can’t decide which things are worth asking for and which things are just a fad and will soon be forgotten as soon as Kate Moss or Leighton Meester stops sporting them in the tabloids.  I have learned my lesson and been down that road a time or two.  So this season, I will be asking for investment pieces that I know I can always wear and don’t have to worry about it ever being “out.”  I am opting for the black MICHAEL by Michael Kors “Hamilton” Large North-South Tote.  It is a large luggage tote with top handles and a long silver chain to make it chic and edgy.  I will also be asking for the Dolce Vita over-the-knee  black leather boot at Urban Outfitters, considering my black boots look like they’ve been ran over a couple times.  They also come in a chestnut brown color.  I figure if the over-the-knee trend ever goes out, I can just simply fold them down a tad.  I have yet to decide what other pieces I will be asking for this year, I will keep you updated when I come across the next thing my heart desires.  Until then, I advise you not to waste the most perfect time of the year on silly fad items that you can wear for two months until giving it to the nearest consignment shop or homeless shelter.  Most importantyly, BE THANKFUL for what you get!  Wish me luck in my next class!

  • Sorry for the small pictures, I did my best:)



So my post is pretty self-explanatory so I wont go into much detail.  Sequins are everywhere this season.  You can find sequins anywhere from Alice and Olivia or Haute Hippie, to Forever 21  and Lulus.  Whether you spend $500 on a sequin vest, or $25 on a pair of sequin shorts, the look will automatically make you stand out and I warn you…heads WILL turn.  Below are a few of my favorite one’s I have recently came across.  Hope you enjoy my top picks! (Topshop has some amazing pieces as well… unfortunately I was unable to load them)

Ever have one of those days that you feel completely overwhelmed and discouraged, then something absolutely incredible happens that lifts your spirits and puts you back into reality that life is amazing?  Well if you have not, I am here to inform you that I had one of those days today.  One math test, 2 english papers, 1 communications test, 5 quizzes, and one argument with the room-mate, I was completely stressed and needed healing.  Today I had a special dose with having the honor of meeting Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power.  Incase you didn’t know, they are the authors and co-founders of the book Who, What, Wear and former editors at Elle magazine.  The book signing didn’t start until 5:00 and of course I arrived at 3:45 afraid I would encounter traffic, car problems, or anything bad that could possibly happen.  As I waited in my car outside the boutique, I wrote my English paper and went over in my head what could I possibly say to these two women who are so successful and who I aspire to be like.  After an hour and a half of waiting in the car and trying not to get something on my white, mens-wear styled dress, it was 5:00 and time to go in.  I walked in not sure what to expect and was surprisingly welcomed with the friendly workers of Penny Lane.  I was anticipating a long line of fashionistas all waiting to get their copy signed, but was actually the first person in there who had my copy and ready to get it signed.  As I shook Hillary and Katherine’s hands, all of my nervousness vanished and I felt completely confident.  They were two of the sweetest ladies and proved the cliche of fashion people being snobby was completely, well primarily, wrong.  They gave me all kinds of advice on how to get an internship at a magazine and to just stay focused.  After I got my picture with them, I thanked them and walked out.  Meeting them was exactly what I needed.  It was a breathe of fresh air and motivation because they really made me believe that my dreams and goals really are achievable.  I cannot wait to start school at FIT next fall and try to score an internship with possibly Elle Magazine, or any fashion magazine.  So my advice to you is if your ever feeling down or discouraged, to find your breath of fresh air to pick you back up again and remind you that anything is achievable with hard work and dedication.

I can officially say that I have experienced an official cliche college moment… pulling an all-nighter.  After 13 hours of the same blue vinyl chair and wooden desk, I retired from that place of doom, and arrived home, well back to my dorm at 3:00 a.m.  Countless cups of coffee and quadratic equations can kind of make you rethink your insanity.  In the end, it was a success resulting in a 100 on my math test, a’s on all my math homework and quizzes, and chapter after chapter of human communication.  As I staggered into my cubicle of a living arrangement, I dove into my double padded twin-sized bed and of course after getting all tucked in, I find that my body was physically exhausted, but my mind was still racing.  Therefore, resulting in me staring at the tiled ceiling until 7:00 when it was time for me to get ready for my 8 a.m. class.  I climbed out of bed, threw on my vintage sex-pistols tee and ripped boyfriend jeans, grabbed the largest cup of coffee I could find, and was out the door to endure yet another wonderful day in the life of a college student.  I rest my case.

On a more positive note, I have came to a significant conclusion.  I currently am majoring in Public Relations and have dreamt of working for a fashion magazine or designer, but now am learning my passion for expressing my words and thoughts on paper, or in this case,  a blog.  I could not imagine this being my job because it would not be a job to me, it would be doing something I love, about something I’m passionate about.  Fashion journalism is where my thoughts are lying.  It is a tough decision and am wondering if I could still do journalism with a public relations degree, or if i should go full on journalism.  Decisions, decisions!

It seems that lately I have been doing alot of thinking about my future.  My future education at FIT, my future career, and my future goals in general.  Growing up is much more than a goodbye hug and kiss from your parents when you leave for college, it’s a passage of self-discovery and depth of the world through the eyes of a much more rounded individual.  I can’t wait to discover my journey through life and what is awaiting for me.  My patience is unbearable, but my determination and focus is indescribable.

Well, this was my serious post and cannot say how many more of these will be posted.  Tomorrow I look forward to expressing my obsession with Haute Hippie and Thread Socials newest creations… Can’t wait! Until then, Bonne nuit! (Goodnight!)

Okay yes, I admit that my title to this entry is totally lame, but I cannot hide my excitement for these new fall ensembles.  I, myself, have luckily snatched a few.  Faux-fur coats have been around for ages, but it seems that there is something especially spectacular about them this season.  Everywhere I turn and every website is booming with fantastic faux-fur that is to die for, not to mention the surprisingly reasonable prices I have been coming across.  Me, being the vintage junkie that I am, purchased a gray faux-fur bomber jacket at my favorite vintage store in Austin called Feather’s boutique.  Other great finds are on websites such as Top-Shop, Urban Outfitters, Betsey Johnson, and even Forever 21 has some great looking coats.  I’m sure that you will find many other great options while visiting any of your local boutiques.  It doesn’t matter if you live in Texas and it is still 75 degrees outside, winter weather will be here before you know it and you don’t want to be left out of one of the most chic’ trends of the season! Until next time, Adios!


Dear Bloggers, I am here to inform you that anyone who has the least bit of interest in fashion MUST see The September Issue.  It is a documentary on Anna Wintour and the work and dedication that goes into the largest, most influential issue of Vogue, also known as the September issue.  This documentary captured my attention the moment I saw that amazing blunt bob of a haircut that only the incredible Anna Wintour could pull off and make a hair cut high fashion.  The passion and dedication that these contributors have for this magazine is indescribable and not to mention a lot of hard work.  The detail that they pay attention to may seem absurd, but it’s those tiny details that keep us running to the closest Books-A-Million to pick up the latest copy of this fashion Bible.  As if I didn’t love this industry enough, this film now has me begging for more Anna and Grace Coddington, the creative director of Vogue.  Grace produces the most magnificent shots in the magazine industry and her work is clearly genius.  I watched this documentary in the Alamo Draft House, which by the way was quite an experience.  I never knew there was a place that you could watch a film and order a full course meal in the theater.  One word….amazing.  Where has this place been all my life?  Well bloggers, I thought I would fill you all in on my new found wisdom and newest admiration.  By the way, check out Rachel Zoe’s new clothing line available at QVC.

Everyday I wake up and fix my morning cup of joe then sit down and get on my Mac.  I check my email, my daily Zoe Report, whatever fashion suggestions Who, What, Wear sends me, PR Couture’s email, and look at the same websites everyday.  Usually I start off with looking to see if Betsey Johnson has any new winter arrivals since i’m in search of a great coat, then I check out Urban Outfitters to look at the boots I want but just haven’t bought, following that I look to see what Forever 21 has to offer with their unbeatable prices, then I go to one of my favorite shopping sites, Top Shop, I look at Nordstroms shoes, then finally I usually visit Bergdorf’s or Neiman’s to see what the designers are conjuring up.  I haven’t decided if it’s an obsessive, compulsive thing, or if I just love fashion THAT much.  I’m leaning towards the fact that I just love fashion.  I always want to be the first to see the new arrivals and get butterflies everytime I see there is more added.  I look forward to reading my Daily Zoe Report and my Who, What, Wear and PR Couture emails.  Other sites I visit very frequently are Shopstyle, Free People, Shopbop, and last but definately  not least, Ebay.  I have gotten some of the most amazing vintage things on Ebay and will always be a loyal customer.  I like to think of myself as not addicted to websites, but more so addicted to the certain objects of interests on the websites, I can deal with that.  Well fellow bloggers, I just got in from a 5 hour drive and have the Austin City Limits festival tomorrow, which I am extremely excited I might add, so goodnight!

Well, as you can already tell, this post is about one of my current obsessions.  This shoe caught my attention the minute I laid eyes on it and has kept my attention since.  Lately, I have been on a hunt for the perfect over the knee boot.  I have found some cute ones at Urban Outfitters(especially good if your looking for good prices), but the ones that I fell head over heels for were discovered on .  It is the Chloe Over the Knee Wrap Boot.  The wrap detail and the leather are amazing and I love how the top folds down.  These boots are definitely pricey, but worth the purchase if the funding is there.  Pair the boots with patterned tights , a mini shift dress and a leather jacket, and you will be one stylish lady.