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Hello all… How is everyone’s holiday so far?  Mine has been fantastic.  A break from school was well needed but I am now looking forward to spring semester.  I have been thinking of possible new years’ resolutions but have yet to decide which one is actually worth putting forth the effort.  Any ideas?

Like everyone else, i’m sure, I jumped on the Rodarte band-wagon and took a trip to Target to see if it was worth all the buzz it’s been getting.  Of course, it had been picked through and most small sizes were gone… so I left with the one thing they had in my size, which was the leopard print, long sleeved shift-dress.  It ran small, but overall was a beautiful and very well-made dress, although it is impossible to zip the back and clasp the bows yourself.  I was impressed with the sister’s economically friendly collection and wished they had more in my size.

Looking forward to the new year and any kind of New Year’s party I may make my way to, I put together several outfits that would be great for a New Years party and several different ways in which you can wear the leopard Rodarte dress.  As you will be able to tell…. tights are my best friend and should be yours too.


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